What is Langroops?

it's where language learners gather and practice speaking with native speakers and other learners

Langroops is an organization whose goal is to make genuine language learning available to anyone, anywhere. We do that by building dual-lingual communities that connect learners and native speakers of two cultures and providing a free platform for passionate language learners to host online meetings for other learners. Langroops aims to create a fun and safe environment for its members by encouraging authentic interactions between real people in a group setting. 

At Langroops we celebrate multi-culturalism and pride ourselves in connecting people around the world, breaking language barriers, and getting you talking! It is important to us to create a sense of community by conducting regular meetings and providing a way to stay in touch with the friends you will make there. At Langroops we are playing the long game. We believe that real language learning happens over time by forging lasting relationships with fellow learners.

Langroops currently has three main projects - Langroops Language Exchange Communities, Study Groops, and the Volunteer Teacher Program. Each project focuses on learners in different stages of the language learning journey and meeting hosts with different personal goals.

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Langroops Communities

Langroops Study Groops

Langroops Volunteer Teacher Program

The Langroops Communities Project

Langroops Language Exchange Communities are the first and main project of Langroops.

What is a Langroops Community?

A Langroops community is an online community focused on the learning and exchange of two specific languages. Community members are native speakers of one of the two "community languages" who are learning the other language. 

How do I learn as a community member?

Our communities aim to build communication skills by focusing on speaking. We learn by having real, natural interactions with native speakers of the language we are learning in a non-formal setting. As a community member, you can join one of our online community meetups hosted on the Langroops website. You can also join one of our social media groups (Whatsapp, Facebook etc.) to stay connected and practice writing and reading skills.

What is a community weekly meetup?

A community meetup is a cross between language exchange and hanging out with friends. During the meetup, only the two community languages are spoken and participants practice speaking and help each other in small groups of 3-5 people. Meetings may be focused on a certain topic with materials prepared by the community leader or be of a "Free Talk" style.

Who is a community leader?

Each Langroops Community is lead by a "Community Leader". A community leader is a volunteer and fellow language learner who moderates the community's activities and hosts the community meetup.

How is this different than a regular language exchange?

A typical language exchange is either done with a 1-on-1 partner or in a group focused on only one language. In a Langroops Community, you are in a group focused on two languages.

Why is this better?

A language exchange partner can be hard to find, and setting up a meeting or call can be awkward or even scary. If you choose to go to a typical "language exchange" event you will find yourself with learners who speak a variety of languages and few or no native speakers. In a Langroops Community you know you can always find someone to help you and meeting people is done safely in a "public space". Since we focus on your native and target language there is no need for a "bridge" language such as English.

How do I join a community?

You can visit our "Communities" page to view our active communities. On each community page, you can choose to join an upcoming meeting, sign up for the newsletter or join one of the social media groups (which is recommended to stay in touch with the community)

The goal of the Study Groop Project is to help language learners find like-minded people to study and improve with around the world!

How does the Study Groop work?


Members meet online on the Langroops website for a group video chat conducted by the Study Groop Host. Groops can focus on speaking, reading, writing, etc., and may use a specific textbook or just conduct freestyle learning.

Who can become a Study Groop Host?

Anyone can become a Study Groop Host.

Who can join a Study Groop?

Participants can be from any background, but the Groop's Host may choose to conduct the meetings in a certain language.

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The Study Groops Project

The Volunteer Teacher Program

The Volunteer Teacher Program at Langroops is a project whose goal is to provide beginners with a more structured learning environment with the help of volunteer teachers


Who can become a Volunteer Teacher at Langroops?

Anyone can become a Volunteer Teacher at Langroops.

What is the difference between a Volunteer Teacher and Community Leader?

A Community Leader manages, organizes, and moderates a Langroops language exchange community. A Volunteer Teacher teaches a lesson focused on one language, helping beginners reach the level where they can comfortably participate in the community language exchange meetups. 

What is the difference between a Volunteer Teacher and Study Groop Host?

A Study Groop Host conducts meetings for a group of learners at a level similar to their own focused on a language they are learning themselves. A Volunteer teacher conducts a lesson for beginners in a language they are highly proficient in.  

Why should I become a Volunteer Teacher?

Becoming a Volunteer Teacher is a great opportunity for amateur teachers who want to gain some experience or more seasoned teachers who enjoy teaching and want to do some community work. It is also a great opportunity to practice the language you are learning. For example, if you are learning Spanish you can provide an English lesson for Spanish speakers, using Spanish to teach!

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