Advertising Policy

Langroops allows the promotion of free language learning related services and groups in accordace with the following policy

Conditions for advertising:

1. The advertisement is related to language learning. 

2. The service being offered is 100% Free (Not including trial periods etc.). 

3. The service has no religious or political affiliations.

4. Each advertiser will be limited to 1 ad per week.


What can be shared:

1. Links to websites, Whatsapp, or Facebook groups.

2. Flyers, Pictures.


What cannot be shared:  

1. Direct links to zoom meetings (or other forms of video conferencing).


How to advertise:

1. Join this Whatsapp group.

2. Share Langroops on your platform or social media. Please include a link to our website along with our flyer and a personal recommendation.

3. Take a screenshot of what you shared and send it in the above group along with the content you want to share in our group.

3. Await admin approval. Once approved you can share the same content once a week as long as you continue promoting Langroops. 


If you share a Whatsapp group we reserve the right to share Langroops in that group.


People who advertise not in accordance with this policy will be distanced from the community for a cooldown period without warning

The goal of this policy is to help promote free language learning in a safe way that does not harm the Langroops community. Thank you for your cooperation.