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Who can be a host on Langroops?

Anyone can host an online language learning meeting on the Langroops website. Hosts are required to have a member profile on the Langroops website and receive approval from a community leader. Handpicking our hosts helps us keep Langroops a safe and welcoming place.

Why should I be a host on Langroops?

Being a host on Langroops is free and easy. Hosting an online language exchange, study group, or lesson will improve your target language and help you connect and make new friends with learners around the world. You can join our awesome international team of upcoming teachers and language enthusiasts or open a Langroop for an existing group you run.

Our Hosts

Kolonji Moore


Shangcong Li


Mike Wehar


Wing Tan Lai

Wing Tan

Ellem Mayara Ellem

Ellem Mayara

sampan yang


Elena Fikhman


stav ben ami


凯成 张


Mateusz Poznański


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