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I am having trouble with my Camera and Microphone

If you are having trouble with your camera or micrphone try the following: - Open your camera and microphone from the toolbar. - Check the audio settings by clicking the three dots on the right side of the toolbar: In the settings panel go to the "Devices" tab and verify the the correct camera and microphone are selected. - Make sure to allow your browser to access your camera and microphone when prompted. - Check your browser settings and make sure you have granted camera and microphone permissions the langroops website. - Make sure your browser is updated. - Try a different browser. - Make sure your computer's camera and microphone are working. - Make sure that your camera and microphone are not being used by any other programs. - Refresh the page. - Restart your computer. If you continue to experiance the problem please report it to the host or email us at

I can't find the tables

If you can't find the tables: 1. Scroll down. or 2. Click on the "Tables button"

I can't hear other people

If you can't hear other people you should: 1. Make sure your computer speakers are working and the volume is turned up. 2. Check the audio settings by clicking the three dots on the right side of the toolbar: In the settings panel go to the "Devices" tab and verify the the correct speaker is selected in "Audio Output". 3. Try using earphones. 4. Try refreshing the page. 5. Try using another browser

How do I share my screen?

If you want to share your screen: 1. Click the "Share Screen" button on the toolbar. 2. Select the part of your screen you would like to share and click "Share" To stop sharing click the "Share Screen" button on the toolbar again. *NOTE: If you are sharing a window it cannot be minimized, but it can be covered by other windows.

How do I change tables?

If you are in the lobby: 1. Click on a table (white square with number) to join. The table will turn red when hovered over if you are using a PC. If you are at a table: 1. Leave the table you are currently at by clicking "Leave Table". You will return to the lobby. 2. Click on the table you would like to join.

Member Profiles

How do I open a new member profile?

To open a new member profile: 1. Visit the Members Area 2. Click "open a new member profile". 3. Fill out the form. You will also be prompted to open a new member profile when: 1. RSVPing to a Schmooz on the Schmoozes Page 2. RSVPing to a Schmooz on a Schmooz page or Community page. 3. Trying to view another members profile. 4. Voting on Recommendations

Do I have to open a member profile to use Langroops?

You can navigate the Langroops website freely without a member profile, but some areas may be accessible only to registered users or users with a member profile. Some things that require a member profile: 1. Joining a Schmooz. 2. Becoming a community leader or host on Langroops. 3. Joining a community via the Langroops website. 4. Voting on recommendations. 5. Viewing other members profiles. Things you can do without a member profile: 1. Read the Langroops blog. 2. See upcoming Schmoozes and Events. 3. Participate in the Langroops Forum. 4. View community pages. 5. View and submit reccomendations.

Why is a member profile required to join a Schmooz?

The member profile is our way of providing the host and other participants with basic information about other attendees without requiring complicated sign-up forms each time you RSVP to an event.

What information do I need to provide to open a member profile?

You will need to submit the following information: 1. Your name. 2. Your native and target language. 3. A profile picture.

Who can view my member profile?

Anyone with a member profile can view your member profile. You can select the "Hidden" setting in your profile editor to limit who views your profile. Note: The information you submitted may still be visible to some users depending on actions you choose to take on the Langroops website. Langroops does not take responsiblity for the information you provide. Please do not submit any personal or sensitive information to your member profile.

What is a member profile?

A member profile is your own personal landing page on the Langroops website. You can use it to show off your language skills and badges as well as share your goals, tips and interests with other members. The member profile helps people attending Langroops meetings to connect on a deeper level and find like-minded language learners! You can also use your member profile to view your upcoming events, events you are hosting and quickly navigate to communities you have joined!

About Langroops

How much does Langroops cost?

Nothing. It's Freeeeeee!

I think someone is breaking the community guidelines, what should I do?

If you encounter behavior in the community group that is against our guidelines including: Harassment, spam, racism, hate-speech, shaming, preaching, political extremism, advertising or any other rude or disrespectful behavior, please notify the community leader immediately or contact us at or on our Whatsapp. Please specify the community and the offense.

Langroops Communities

What is a Langroops Community?

A Langroops Community brings together native speakers of two languages who are learning each other's language. The purpose of the community is to learn from and help each other. The community stays connected and interacts across several platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook and a weekly online meeting.

What happens at the weekly meeting?

At the weekly meetings, community members gather together to video chat and practice speaking their target language. Participants will be divided into small groups of 3-5 people by the host (usually the community leader) where they can talk about the weekly topic or just chat. During the meetings, we encourage everyone to talk in their target language as much as possible and to help others by offering corrections and advice (unless instructed otherwise by the host).

Where does the weekly meeting take place?

The weekly meeting takes place on the Langroops website. There is no need to download any software, just join through your browser. We encourage joining from a PC with a stable wifi connection for the optimal experience.

How do I get the link for the meeting?

In order to attend the weekly meeting, you must be signed up for the Langroops website, have a member profile, and RSVP to the meeting on our Schmoozes page. After RSVPing you will receive a confirmation email with the link and a "Join" button will apear. You may also recive the link to the meeting in a community group or from a friend in which case you will still need to be signed up for the Langroops website, have a member profile, and RSVP - all can be done via the link you recived.

How do I find a community?

To find a community, please visit our Communities page and use the filters to find a community. If we don't have a community for your native and target language yet you can apply to become a community leader and start a new community for free!

Can I join more than one community?

Yes. As long as you are a native speaker of one of the community languages you can join as many communities as you want!

What should I do in the community Facebook and Whatsapp group?

The community groups are a place for community members to stay in touch, get updates, chat, and learn from each other. You can practice writing or recording in your target language or ask questions. The community leader might initiate a discussion, share learning material, or send links to register for the weekly meeting.

How do I join the community Facebook and Whatsapp group?

You can join the community Facebook and Whatsapp group from the community page. 1. Go to the Communities page. 2. Filter to find a specific community page and click the image to navigate to it. 3. On the community page click "Join Community". 4. Click on the activated "Join on Whatsapp" or "Join on Facebook" buttons.

Who is considered a native speaker?

According to Wikipedia: A native speaker of a language has the following traits: The speaker learnt the language in childhood, mastery of idiomatic forms of the language, comprehension of regional and social variance, fluent, spontaneous production and comprehension of discourse. We understand that the definition of native and fluent may not apply neatly to everyone, especially when it comes to English. As a rule of thumb, the language that you speak best is your native language. ​ We at Langroops believe that no language is too small and that a community can be built for any two languages. So instead of joining a community where you are not a native speaker, take initiative and start your own community!

Can I join a community even if I am not a native speaker?

You are welcome to join any community group as an observer, but we kindly ask that you do not attend the weekly meeting unless you are a native speaker of one of the two community languages. Community is about give and take. Instead of joining a community where you are only taking, we encourage you to start your own community for your native and target language.

There is no community for me, what should I do?

Sit at home alone and cry. NOT ;). Join the Langroops international team of volunteers and start your own community with our support!

Schmoozes - General

How do I register (RSVP) for a Schmooz?

There are three ways to register to a Schmooz: 1. Via direct link. 2. Via the Schmoozes page. 3. Via a community page. In all cases you will see a "RSVP" button. When clicked, you will see a confirmation message and recive a confirmation email with the connection information. *Note: Only users with a free member profile on the Langroops website can RSVP to Schmoozes.

I registered but I didn't get an email, what should I do?

Please confirm that you have registered by revisiting the Schmoozes page. - If you have registered successfully you will see the "join" button by that Schmooz. - If you do not see the "join" button please try registering again. - If you still have not received the email please check your spam folder. - If the email is not in your spam folder, you may have unsubscribed from the Langroops mailing list. Please contact a team member to resubscribe.

Do you have another question we haven't answered? If so, please post it to the Questions Thread on the Langroops Forum and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP.

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