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So Much Fun!

At Langroops there is never a dull moment or awkward silence. At our meetings, we steer away from sensitive topics so that we can focus on language, culture, and communication. We accept people in all stages of their language learning journey. We encourage you to open your mouth, speak up, and make mistakes! (Because we all are too 😜) 


No more looking for "the one" perfect language partner. At our online meetups, you are always chatting in a small group with people from around the world. No more one-time language exchange events with random people. At Langroops you stay connected and build lasting friendships with other members in one of our many online communities.

We're in it Together!

Authentic Experience!

At Langroops we focus on speaking (and listening!) to real people. We believe that effective language learning requires bringing the language to life by using it with others. Even though our events are online, we give you the experience of traveling abroad and speaking to the "locals" all from the comfort of your home.

No need for explaining here - just free, everything. Langroops is run by a team of volunteers who are passionate language learners and teachers that believe in our vision of free language learning for everyone. You too can make people's dreams come true by joining our team. Become a host today!

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Here's what Langroops community members say about us 

 Langroops is a great way to practice a language. The people in the language exchange are very friendly, and the hosts make sure that everybody gets a chance to speak. The amount of time of the exchange (1.5 hours) gives people plenty of time to interact. I highly recommend it to anybody who is learning a language and wants to practice within a supportive community.



Manish Abbi

שיחות הZoom של Langroops מעולות. חוץ מזה שממש כיף להכיר אנשים חדשים ממקומות שונים בעולם, הרבה יותר מגניב לדבר איתם בשפה שלהם וככה להתאמן ביכולות שלא תמיד יוצא לשפר בלימוד שפות (בעיקר דיבור)

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