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Who is a Langroops community leader?

As a "Community Leader" you will manage an online dual lingual language learning and exchange community for your own native language and a language you are learning. As a community leader, you host the weekly online meetup and administer the community social and chat platforms. 

Being a community leader is a great opportunity to grow as a language learner and a leader while helping others. You will also pick up some valuable online marketing and community building skills and get to work as a part of our international team of volunteers. It is a great experience for anyone who is interested in self-development, leadership, language, networking, and having a lot of fun!

The ideal community leader is someone who is passionate about language learning and helping others, has a sense of leadership and responsibility, good communication skills, and has about 3-4 hours to invest weekly. A community leader should be a native speaker of one of the community languages and learning the other. 

Want to give it a try? Fill out the application form below.

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What is a Langroops community teacher?

A Langroops "Community Teacher" is a member of a Langroops community who is also a professional or amateur language teacher. As a community teacher, you will be a valuable part of the community in helping beginners reach a level of communication that lets them attend the weekly online meetup. To be eligible to be a community teacher you should be either a native speaker or a certified teacher of the language you will be teaching.


As a community teacher, you only need to offer one free 40-minute group lesson a week for your community. The lesson should be taught in the community languages (i.e a Portuguese lesson for the Portuguese/French community should be given mostly in French). The target audience of the lesson should be beginners (A1 or A2).

Being a community teacher is a great chance to develop your teaching skills and gain experience. You will also get to open a Teacher Profile on the Langroops website where you can be contacted privately by students for one-on-one lessons (pricing at your own discretion).

What you will need:

1. A computer.

2. A free zoom account.

3. A stable internet connection.

4. 40 minutes a week.

How to apply:

1. Fill out the application form.

2. Attend the weekly online meetup for your community

3. Tell the community leader you would like to become a community teacher. 

4. Wait to be certified (only applicants who have contacted a community leader will be approved). 

Apply to join the team!

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We will now review your application and be in touch via the email address you provided. 

We highly recommend that you attend a weekly community meeting to familiarize yourself with the Langroops concept. You can attend any meeting you like, even if you don't speak the language. Just tell the community leader that you are a job applicant and there to observe. You can find all the meetings HERE.

Good Luck!