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Join the Langroops team and have a real impact while gaining valuable skills and experience.



Community Admin

Lead a dual lingual language learning and exchange community for two languages of your choice.


As a community admin, you host the weekly online meeting and administer the community social and chat platforms. You will receive the full support of the Langroops organization, access to our promotional channels, and guidance as you begin your journey.

Being a community admin is a great opportunity to grow as a language learner and a leader while helping others. You will also pick up some valuable online marketing and community-building skills and get to work as a part of our international team of volunteers. It is a great experience for anyone who is interested in self-growth, leadership, language, networking, and having a lot of fun!

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Event Organizer

Join our New York team to help organize events in-person events or pioneer a Multilingual language exchange event anywhere in the world. 

Holding an in-person language exchange event is a great way to connect with your local language learning community. As an organizer you will get to meet tons of interesting people and gains lots of valuable organizational skills. 


When you organize your events with Langroops you will get guidance and support from our team that will ensure your success.

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Creative Thoughts

Marketing Team

Join our marketing team, create content and manage social media accounts to help grow and shape the Langroops brand. 

We see marketing as a way to serve our community by identifying needs and providing value. Therefore we aim to create content that is informative, engaging and delightful.

If you are passionate about language, writing, creating videos, designing or social media and want to gain experience and build a portfolio with an awesome, fun organization you should join our team!

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Join our development team and help build and improve our website and application.


At Langroops we strive to innovate and use technology to better serve the language learning community. We are constantly exploring new solutions that can bring leaners together and ease the learning process.

If you have any experience with web or app development (Wix, React, React Native) and want to put those skills to use building cool things that people actually use, you should join our development team!

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