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Practice speaking your target language in a group. Anywhere.

Join a langroop* to meet other language learners, exchange languages and study together online or in-person.


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Three simple steps

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Share your langauges, goals, and hobbies

Connect with other learners and native speakers in a group

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Practice speaking your target language online or in-person

What is a langroop?

A Langroop is a group of language learners

who get together with a common learning goal, common interests, or based in a certain location. 

Instead of searching for one true language partner, study buddy, teacher, or student you can surround yourself with other like-minded learners to exchange languages, study together, or teach each other in a supportive environment. From Anywhere.

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Why langroops?

Lasting Connections
Fun Atmosphere
Quality Learning
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What people are saying about langroops


*5 out of 5 star rating on Facebook and Google

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שיחות הZoom של Langroops מעולות. חוץ מזה שממש כיף להכיר אנשים חדשים ממקומות שונים בעולם, הרבה יותר מגניב לדבר איתם בשפה שלהם וככה להתאמן ביכולות שלא תמיד יוצא לשפר בלימוד שפות (בעיקר דיבור)

יהל בן-שלום

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Manish Abbi

 Langroops is a great way to practice a language. The people in the language exchange are very friendly, and the hosts make sure that everybody gets a chance to speak... I highly recommend it to anybody who is learning a language...

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