Our Terms of Use

We have tried to keep it simple so that you actually read it.

By joining the Langroops website or any of its community groups or online or offline meetings you are agreeing to comply and act according to the following terms and guidelines. The purpose of these terms is to keep Langroops safe and enjoyable for our loyal members and we reserve the right to terminate your membership and ban you from participating in our groups or meetings upon any violation of our terms or community guidelines. 

What Langroops is for:

1. Conducting online video-conference-based language exchange, studying, and learning.

2. Sharing any free content regarding language learning. 

2. Practicing conversing via text or audio in the community groups. 

3. Soliciting one on one language partners via the Langroops Forum.



1. No offensive content. Please do not send messages, pictures, or videos that will be considered offensive by other members including but not restricted to: Spam, hate speech, racism, bullying, sexual content, solicitations. Please be polite and respectful to other community members. Do not send private messages to other members without receiving explicit permission beforehand in the group.

2. No advertising or self-promotion of paid services. Please do not send any content which is not freely accessible or any service which is not provided through the Langroops platform. If you wish to promote a free language learning service on Langroops please click here for our full policy.  

3. Exclusivity of meeting access. Registration to Langroops events is personal and all connection information received is for personal use only.  Please do not share meeting links with anyone, any issues connecting to the meeting are to be dealt with exclusively by the host of the meeting.

4. True identity. At Langroops we pride ourselves on connecting real people who want to have genuine conversations in a safe environment. In order to protect the community, we ask you to please interact on the Langroops platform using your true identity. Please avoid the use of pseudonyms or fake names and introduce yourself when joining a community group. Online meetings are to be attended with your camera on, please join with your camera on and keep it so throughout the meeting. (Please report any issues to the host).

5. Avoid political or religious discussion. We welcome all people from all backgrounds and encourage cultural discussion related to language learning. We ask that you refrain from bringing up potentially sensitive political or religious topics including but not restricted to: Promoting or criticizing certain politicians, parties, or policies, preaching, missionary activity etc.