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by joining the langroops website as a member you are agreeing to comply and act according to the following guidelines. The purpose of these guidelines is to keep Langroops safe and enjoyable for our loyal members. Most of these guidelines should come intuitively to any sincere language learner but please take a minute to make sure we are on the same page. We reserve the right to terminate your membership and ban you from participating in our groups or meetings upon any violation of our community guidelines, though we will exercise prudence when assessing and dealing with non-compliance. 

terms of use

the langroops platform is a website created for the purpose of group based language learning and optimizing the language partner search process. its primary functions include: Language groups (aka langroops), Language learning events, and other learning tools and modes of communication. the platform may be used by any individual seeking to learn a language so long as they abide by these guidelines. 

platform guidelines:

  1. please be polite and respectful to other community members. 

  2. no offensive content. please do not send messages or upload text, pictures, or videos that may be considered offensive by other members including but not restricted to: spam, hate speech, racism, bullying, sexual content, solicitations. 

  3. avoid political or religious discussion. ee welcome all people from all backgrounds and encourage cultural discussion related to language learning. ee ask that you refrain from bringing up potentially sensitive political or religious topics including but not restricted to: promoting or criticizing certain politicians, parties, or policies, preaching, missionary activity etc.  

  4. there shall be no discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, political or religious beliefs, national or ethnic origin.

1. the langroops platform (aka

a langroops member is an individual who registers for a member profile on the langroops website. a membership is required for joining groups, attending events and interacting with other features on the langroops platform. 

member guidelines:

  1. anyone can be a member.

  2. all members must have a member profile. 

  3. one member profile per person.

  4. all members must use their true identity. at langroops we pride ourselves on connecting real people who want to have genuine conversations in a safe environment. in order to protect the community, we ask you to please interact on the langroops platform using your true identity. the following information should be correct and accurate on all member profiles:

    1. name - given or used. Not nicknames, usernames or pseudonyms.

    2. profile picture - a picture of the member where their face is clearly visible. 

    3. languages - must include at least one native and one target language. 

  5. a profile that fails to display this information properly may be removed from the website or use may be limited at a moderator's discretion or be refused the right to join groups and participate in events at the admin’s and host’s discretion. 

  6. information provided in a member profile (in all sections) must comply with the “platform guidelines”. 

  7. contacting other members should be done for the sole purpose of language learning and related inquiries.

  8. contacting other members should be done only with explicit permission.

2. langroops members

a langroop admin is a member who is the creator and primary administrator of a language learning group on the langroops platform. 

admin guidelines:

  1. see “admin and host guidelines”.

3. langroop admin

a langroops host is a member who hosts online or offline events on the langroops platform. A host may be the langroop’s admin or an assistant host invited by the admin of a specific group. hosts are not necessarily teachers and the content of the events they conduct are at their own discretion. 

admin and host guidelines:

  1. anyone can be an admin or host on the langroops platform.

  2. the rights to a langroop (see below) may be revoked if the admin of host is not in compliance with “langroop guidelines”.

  3. an admin or host must have an accurate member profile as described in the “member guidelines”.

4. langroops host

a langroop is a language learning group created for the purpose of:

  1. language exchange

  2. studying together (study group)

  3. conducting language classes (lesson)


please note: a langroop may be independent or an official community. 

the langroops platform hosts both independent groups and events as well as official communities. you can identify an official community by its name, logo and verified check. depending on the type of group the langroop organization may have limited control over its quality. nonetheless, all groups must be in compliance with the following guidelines. 

langroop guidelines:

  1. every member is entitled to open one free langroop on the langroops platform as an admin. certain members may be granted permission to open more at the team's discretion.

  2. langroops are to be created for the sole purpose of language learning.

  3. langroops must not be of a religious or political nature, hold such an agenda or be funded by such an organization. 

  4. when accepting members, langroop admins may not discriminate against people as outlined in the “platform guidelines”.

  5. when accepting members, a langroop admin may limit membership based on lingual compatibility (i.e the member is not at the required level or not a native speaker of a required language).

  6. when accepting members, a langroop admin may limit membership for the purpose of quality control (group size preference).

  7. when accepting members, a langroop admin may limit membership based on incompleteness of a member profile (as stated in “platform guidelines”).

  8. langroops are created for the purpose of hosting online or offline language learning events. a group that does not conduct an event for three consecutive months may be repurposed.

  9. langroops may not charge any fees or solicit members to pay for a service.

  10. an admin can remove a group member if they are in explicit violation of the “platform guidelines”.

  11. the langroop admin must clearly state the criteria for participation in the group in the langroop page description section. 

5. langroop (language learning group)

langroop events are online or offline meetings organized by a host as part of a langroop. langroop events are not lessons (unless explicitly stated otherwise), attendees should not assume they will be taught and hosts should clarify the intentions of the event in the event description.

event guidelines:

  1. any member can host an event as a langroop admin or assistant host. 

  2. events must be conducted for the sole purpose of language learning and in full compliance with the community guidelines. 

  3. an online event may be conducted on any video conferencing platform. 

  4. regardless of the video conferencing platform, all event attendees must be registered members on the langroops website and be registered for the event. 

  5. registration to events is personal, direct links to events should not be shared with unregistered members. 

  6. all events that are hosted on the langroops platform must be in accordance with these event guidelines regardless of the video conferencing platform. 

  7. an event host may limit participation based on incompleteness of a member profile (as stated in “platform guidelines”).

  8. events must be free. no fees may be charged and attendees may not be solicited to engage in any kind of paid service.

  9. hosts of events can not discriminate against attendees based on the criteria outlined in the “platform guidelines”.

  10. a host has the right to limit attendance based on lingual criteria (i.e the member is not at the required level or not a native speaker of a required language) or for the sake of quality control.

  11. the host has the right to require attendees to have their cameras on. hosts are expected to show understanding to those who may be honestly incapable of doing so.

  12. the host has the right to require “full participation” in the meeting (i.e ask attendees not to “only listen”, or not to connect from a noisy area etc. behaviors). 

  13. attendees should never be "kicked out" of a meeting unless they are in clear violation of the “platform guidelines”. any issues should be solved in a one-on-one manner between the host and attendee after the meeting. 

  14. the host has the right to take photos of the event. 

  15. the host has the right to record all or parts of the event for promotional use after receiving explicit consent from those being recorded.

  16. the schedule of the event is at the full discretion of the host. any feedback should be presented in a respectful manner.

  17. the event host must clearly state the criteria for participation in the event’s description section. 

6. langroop events

chat groups are external groups used by a langroop for the purpose of rapid communication and non frontal language learning via messages and audio. 

langroop chat group guidelines:

  1. the langroop admin should be the admin of the chat group. 

  2. the chat group may be limited to members only but there is no guarantee. 

  3. full compliance with the “platform guidelines” regarding communication and advertising. 

  4. do not use contact information obtained via the group to contact other members without their explicit permission in the group. 

  5. do not share the link or connection information to the group without permission from the langroop admin. 

  6. do not send private messages to other members without receiving explicit permission beforehand in the group.

7. langroop chat group

The Official Langroops Communities are language exchange groups led by the community leaders that make up the core leadership team at Langroops. Our official communities strive to be ideal language learning groups which other groups can aspire to and in which all members can feel welcome. 

community leader

a community leader is the admin of an official langroops community.

*additional guidelines for official communities and community leaders to be outlined in a separate internal document. 

8. langroops official communities

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