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langroops is a volunteer run organization whose mission is to make affordable, genuine language learning available to anyone, anywhere. We do so by connecting people around the world in learning communities - so that learners can help learners. We aim to be a fun and safe place for language learners to gather, converse and improve their language skills with real people.

thankfully there is no lack of learning materials, teachers, courses, websites or mobile applications for learning languages. What often is hard to come by is a chance to have a genuine conversation with another human being and form lasting relationships that are the key to success in the long journey of learning a language.

about us

langroops solves that problem.

by focusing on community and real human interaction, Langroops breaks language barriers and helps learners build the confidence to speak up.

we believe

people first

we use technology to fulfil our mission but we are not a tech company, we are a people organization. That is because when learning a language, like in life, it is not about what you know but about who you know. Immersion is not only about listening to podcasts all day, but surrounding yourself with friends who speak and learn your target language. 

play the long game

language learning, like many worthwhile things in life, doesn't happen in a day. Coincidentally, meaningful connections and friendships also take time to build. Commitment to learning and people, showing up week after week, and giving more than you take are the keys to success.

make mistakes & be yourself

conversations are not tests. No one is grading you on vocab and grammar, or judging your accent. Focus on getting the message across. You are allowed to use words from your native language, look things up online, or ask for help. For people to feel comfortable enough to take chances it is necessary to build trust.​ That is why we want to talk to real people, not cat memes and black screens.

how we do it

langroops language exchange communities

langroops language exchange communities are volunteer lead dual-lingual communities that connect native speakers of two languages who are learning each others languages. These communities meet weekly online and stay in touch and continue to help each other in a chat group. these communities are a central part of the langroops and the community admins make up the core team of the organization.

the langroops platform

the langroops website, originally built to serve our language exchange communities, has grown to provide tools for a variety of different language learning groups. anyone can easily start a group and organize language learning events online or in-person for free.

langroops nyc

langroops nyc is our first multilingual locally based language exchange community. This community conducts weekly events in New York City and welcomes locals and visitors to come meet and chat in over 10 languages. 

like what we're doing? join the team.

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