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All we need is ....:empowering your lifetime by travelling in four steps

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

“All you need is love” used to sing the Beatles in 1967.

Words Jokes: How To Refrain The Beatles’ Famous Line With Travel

Love makes life worth living by relieving stress and anxiety while giving you the change to make thrilling discoveries and share valuable time with others. By forcing you to abandon your comfort zone love might even change you mindset so deeply that you may end up being an unpredictable updated version of yourself far away from the dark colors of grief and loneliness.

What if travelling could make you feel the same by improving your life time by leaps and bounds?

The more you travel the better: the crucial advantages

In a nutshell, the more you travel the better for you mental and physical health.

Are you skeptical? If you are looking for some evidence let’s consider the top 4 brief list of advantages you can get from travelling. I would suggest to bear it in mind from now on.

1. Ease stress and anxiety

2. Make new discoveries

3. Change your mindset

4. Boost your linguistic skills

How to stop feeling like an hamster in round wheel: travel as your way out

Travelling relieves stress and anxiety as well as love do by guarante eing you a way out from routine. Have you ever felt like an hamster running in a wheel? Helpful in terms of efficiently time management daily schedules might turn out almost like a jail when you have nothing but few seconds left for putting your feet on and breathe deeply. When burn out knocks your door and even random meditation sessions appear to have lost their powerful instantly effect, travelling can be only right answer to the questions: “Will I survive? How would I make it?”. If that’s your case, make your luggage and allow yourself take off for a while to recharge the batteries who you had ran out of.

Make new discoveries and find your balance in the flow

Almost everyone fells stuck at a certain point during lifetime. If not, frankly speaking, it’s just pretending. As human beings we are constantly holding out for change and development. Everything flows and we are part of the whole. Given that, travelling could act as an intriguing view for sore eyes enhancing your possibilities of being exposed to unknown realities. For everybody who has the courage to take the chance and jump into the vacuum,- not necessarily for real except for bungee-jumping lovers - travelling might represent a consistent channel of thrilling emotions and unforgettable experiences. So if you are brave enough to challenge yourself not just in your bedroom while dreaming, make travelling come true. But in case you are unconditionally looking for peace, travelling is still your best choice. Once on the way, resorts and monasteries are still on the go.

Change your mind-set by opening new windows on the world

According to an highly common saying, reading opens new windows on the world, mostly unexpected, but travelling somehow can make it far better. Nothing but experience can really make the difference when it comes to shake certain biases and prejudices, especially the solid ones you have based your life on. Evidence shows that the only effective strategy to push someone’s limits and barriers is through modifying the background environment. Travel can significantly helps us out in term of mind broadening thanks to its inherently dynamic essence.

Level up your linguistic skills through full time immersion

Are your eagerly chasing opportunities to push your linguistic skills ahead but something is still not working properly? If that’s the case, there’s nothing better than full time immersion in your target language to address your purpose in the short term. Being forced to use 24-7 the language you’re trying so hard to master could be extremely beneficial in terms of learning and memorization. Instead of sitting down all the daylong in front of your desk while repeating at loud voice lists of words which apparently can not be stored into your memory box, move your back and go for language oriented travel adventures.

Learning by doing can make the difference when it comes to keep up your great job with languages. Even though it can be hard especially in the very beginning, stick for your goal and your effort will be hopefully paid off.

Hoping you appreciate humor, I’ll wrap the article up by arguing that apparently “travelling- love is too “démodé”-, is all we need”, at least sometimes.

Looking forward to your comments.

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by Langroops group

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