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What does a Langroops online meetup look like?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

A Langroops online meetup is a group style language exchange event for learners and native speakers of two designated languages. For example, if it is an "English - Chinese" Langroop meetup, then native English speakers who are learning Chinese and native Chinese speakers who are learning English can join. Throughout the meeting, learners are encouraged to speak in their target language and assist other learners if they get stuck.


What happens during the meeting?

Every Langroops meetup has a host who determines the exact timetable and activities of the meetup. Meetups will generally include: Self-introduction, topic-based discussion, a language game, and a summary with a chance to give feedback and share what you learned. Depending on the number of attendees, the host may decide to split everyone up into smaller groups of 4-6 people to provide more quality talking time for each person.


What is a topic-based discussion?

A topic-based discussion can take one of several forms:

1) The host gives a general topic, such as "Travel", and participants need to share their own experiences. Participants can choose to tell a story or share pictures and describe them.

2) The host gives a question to debate, such as "Which is better - Pizza or Ice cream?", and participants need to express their opinions (and challenge other's opinions).

3) The host provides a situation, such as "visiting the doctor", and participants are required to act out the situation.


What are language games?

Language games are games that encourage people to speak in their target languages. Here's an example of one of our favorite games - "Covert Operative":

Each participant privately receives a word. All the participant's words are the same except for one, who unknowingly receives a slightly different word - he or she is the "covert operative". (For example, everyone received the word "cake" and one person received the word "cookie"). Then, in turn, every participant has to say a sentence that accurately describes the word they received, without uttering the actual word. After all the participants have spoken, there is a round of voting to determine who is suspected to be the "covert operative". The participant who receives the most votes is removed from the game, and if they were not the "covert operative" the game continues.


What makes a great Langroops meetup?

1) Willingness to learn and help others - do your best to practice your target language and don't hesitate to ask questions. Try and be aware of other participants who may need help and give everyone a chance to participate.

2) Cameras on! being able to see other participants is very important to creating a supportive and fun learning environment. Participants who leave their cameras off tend to be less involved in the discussion and don't learn as much from the meetup.

3) Use of the chat - some people are visual learners and sending word spellings and meanings in written form can really help your friends!


What is a Langroop meetup not?

Langroop meetups are not language learning classes. There are no teachers and participants do not engage in systematic learning. It is unlikely that you will be able to learn a language from zero by only attending meetups. We try to make Langroops accessible to language learners at all levels, but beginners tend to have a harder time participating and may choose to practice listening instead of speaking. A Langroops meetup works best for learners who are self-studying or taking a class and want a chance to practice what they have learned in a fun group environment.

Sound good? Check out our Events page to register for a meetup now!

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