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How to use to host an online event? | 3 Simple steps.

What is is a website and mobile application for organizing and finding in-person and online events.

What are the Pros and Cons of is great because there are so many people on it, and the Meetup algorithm helps new groups be found and grow. The group-based event planning system helps hosts stay in touch with people who are interested in their events and build attendance over time. The downside of is that it is heavily localized. When you create a group you must pick a location and people are more likely to see your group or event if it is nearby. The website does support online events but they still do not receive international exposure like they should.

Is free?

Yes, is free to use for event attendees (Event fees for individual events may be set by the hosts). But unfortunately, it costs money to open a group that is necessary for hosting events. With a organizer subscription that costs about $60 (often discounted), you can open up to three groups and organize unlimited events. Luckily one of the perks of being a Langroops host is that you can join our Meetup group as an organizer for free.

How to become an organizer on

If you are starting a new group, you will need to purchase a subscription first. If you are joining an existing group, you join the group as a member, and then the group organizer can change your member role and send you an invite to become a Co-organizer, Assistant Organizer or Event Organizer.


A group page on

How to create an event on

1. Go to the group page and click on "Create Event"., then select "Create a New Event".

2. You will then be taken to a page where you must set a date and time, fill out the event details, upload a cover photo.

3. When you are done you need to click "Publish" and then "Announce Event" if you want to notify group members about the new event.

How to create an online language learning event on Meetup?

To create an online language learning event such as a Langroops Schmooz you will need to select "online event" and provide the connection details in the description. If it is a weekly event it is best to toggle "Repeat event" to "on" in the optional settings and select "Every week". When using repeat events it is important to include a disclaimer that people should visit (or another relevant website) to verify that the event is taking place and get updated event info.

How to create a repeat event on

To view an example Meetup event Click Here.

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