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What to expect with Langroops 3.0

With Langroops 2.0 - the Schmooz, we introduced a home built video conferencing system, complete with booking, RSVPing, breakout rooms, and other language learning features as well as Member profiles and a new Members area. The Schmooz system, although not perfect, has essentially allowed us to host an unlimited amount of free online meetings and integrated with the new member profiles, provides more information about attendees and a smoother event RSVP experience.

Our next update will make some further to improvements to the Schmooz system and member profiles to provide a better user experience, but the main focus will be a new feature - the Langroop.

How did Langroops 3.0 come about?

Originally conceived as a landing page for study groups (previously known as study "groops") and for lessons, the concept of the Langroops has now expanded to all aspects of the Langroops experience, including language exchange. Initially, opening a Langroop will be possible to those with "host" status by invite only (which can be requested from a community leader). Each host will be able to open one free Langroop and community leaders will be upgraded to "pro" status allowing them to open up to 3 Langroops.

So what is a Langroop?

A Langroop is a group of language learners who get together with a common learning goal, common interests, or based in a certain location. Instead of searching for one true language partner, study buddy, teacher, or student you can surround yourself with other like-minded learners to exchange languages, study together, or teach each other in a supportive environment.

What changes can be expected?

Our new update provides these Langroops with a landing page and state of the art event booking and management system. A Langroop can be based online, in-person or be categorized as "hybrid" meaning it will host both online and in-person events. When booking events through the new system, the host can choose between an online or in-person event. When booking an online event they can choose if they would like to use the Schmooz system or an external video conferencing system of their choice.

The sleek new Langroop design is equipped with a new discussion area which can be used to ask questions, provide updates or share important information and can still be linked to an external chat group for more streamlined conversation. The Langroop also has a new set of security features allowing the admin to decide who can join, who can attend events, participate in discussion or join external groups.

The relationship between groups and events will change slightly. When starting a Langroop, the admin will be able to announce the new group to the platforms members based on interest and invite members directly. Events will always be booked through and be linked to a Langroop and when announcing and event members of that Langroop will receive a notification email. Furthermore event attendees will be visible to other members of the Langroop through which it was booked.

The new Langroops are a necessity as the platform grows and people look for more versatile and flexible ways of interacting on and offline. Nonetheless, the core values of the organization remain the same. Encouraging authentic interactions between real people in a safe and supporting environment and providing a place for language learners to practice speaking in confidence is and will always be our primary goal.

You can expect to see these changes in the next few weeks with a full move to Langroops 3.0 being completed around the opening of our new community leader course on Dec. 7th.

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